A small question that comes up often…

6 March 2018

Winter, I remove the snow that covers my photovoltaic panels? With our winter conditions, it’s likely that snow and frost cover your solar panels and this, to the detriment of their effectiveness. You want to make the most of your investment, it is normal to question yourself! If the snow is fine, do not do […]

Do you know our loyalty program?

16 February 2018

Here’s our Loyalty Program for retailers, distributors, professionals and customers. This plan with our eco-energy products & solutions and sustainable development products offered by Ecosource Canada Inc is based primarily on sales volume. It is obvious that the higher the volume of sales, the more the distributor and or the retailer can benefit from a […]

Infrared carbon heating film

3 February 2018

The ideal solution for heating wood or laminate floors! Infrared Underfloor Heating – The radiant heating system saves you 25 to 40% less than traditional heating methods and is healthier for you and your family. Easily installed under the floor, our infrared subfloor is completely ductless and maintenance free. This infrared heating technology does not […]

A pellet stove that tempts you?

18 January 2018

You plan to buy one! I will try to enlighten your choice. Wood burning is the main source of fine particulate emissions into the atmosphere. He is a major contributor to respiratory diseases and winter smog. There are other auxiliary heating solutions that are less polluting. One of them is the pellet stove … they […]

Respect the planet, reduce your electricity consumption!

6 December 2017

What is D.E.L lighting? (Light emitting diode) The lights at D.E.L. or L.E.D. in English were invented in the 1960s, but they are only beginning to be known. They have several advantages: -The ultimate in energy efficiency since they can produce the same luminous flux (lumens) by consuming 80 to 90% less energy. -Does not […]

Infrared heating

23 November 2017

Do you want to save on your heating bill? You want a pleasant, ecological, innovative and fast heating that brings you well-being? Well, there is !! BENEFITS with Radiation Infrared Panels are that you use 30% to 40% less energy than conventional systems. … significant savings on your electric bill. Infrared rays do not heat […]

Welcome to ConstruNet Network Inc.

16 May 2017

It is with great pleasure that the Ecosource Canada Inc team welcomes Mr. Paul-Emile Lizee President Founder of Réseau ConstruNet as a distributor /partner He took office on May 5 and we wish him the best possible achievements Mr. Lizee brings extensive professional experience in the world of construction and manufacturing. Definitely, a entrepreneur on […]


15 May 2017

It is with great pleasure that Ecosource Canada team welcome Ms. Helene Major as our partner in our company main base. She took office last March and we wish her the best possible achievements Helene has worked on the development and promotion of solar hot water, solar and LED lighting systems in various commercial and industrial […]

Innovation in energy efficient product solution

16 February 2017

We always come with new product in green energy that translates into concrete actions which Ecosource Canada encourages also promotes respect, create and maintain a climate of harmony and professionalism in all our actions. Our involvement to the communities; and act responsibly with the environment protection.

The environment at the heart of our priorities

16 February 2017

At the intersection of major environmental and economic concerns, peoples are expecting today to more than just valuable service delivery. They wants to have an efficient and innovative company to maintain ‘’ State of the Art’’ green energy products in good condition and reduce its environmental footprint. A challenge that daily Ecosource Canada do at […]