Ecosource Recycling’s mission

Through leadership, research and development, Ecosource Recycling is actively pursuing its goal to become an industry leader in recycling technology and solutions, turnkey operations and global waste management. We believe we can bring needed environmental benefits to a wide range of customers in many industries by applying high-performance procedures.

What is EcoSource Recycling?

Ecosource Recycling is a trusted company that specializes in recycled tire products.

We opt for eco-responsible and energy-efficient products that helps improve the future of future generations.

Why recycle tires?

  • Used tires offer a raw material to hundreds of useful products.
  • Manufacturing companies undergo today tremendous pressure to transform their current processes into a much more ecological or green direction.
  • Several companies are looking for solutions and alternatives to the standards used.

What kind of tires can we recycle?

  • Car and truck tires
  • Forklift tires
  • Oversized tires (tractors, mines, etc.)
  • Aircraft tires
  • Bicycle tires
  • Motorcycles and 4 wheels

Will used tires be stored outside on the ground?


  • We will shred as trucks deliver.
  • We plan to install a dock to receive the tires in the plant and route them directly to the shredder.

What products will we manufacture from used tires?

  • Rubber mulch
  • Civil Engineering Cluster
  • Granules of different sizes depending on the application
  • Fine powders
  • Products molded from granules
  • Steel bells

Who will be our main customers?

  • Thermoplastic Manufacturers
  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscaping companies
  • Nurseries and parks
  • Schools
  • Equestrian centers

How will the transport be done?

  • By ship for products shipped to Europe and on the East Coast of the United States.
  • By boat to receive raw materials from elsewhere and / or other countries.
  • By truck. We expect a maximum of 6-8 trucks per day.
  • The number of trucks will be controlled by an agreement with Recyc-Q.

What will the exterior layout (building and surroudings) look like?

We are planning a modern and ecological building including:

  • Thermal glass front
  • 400 solar panels
  • Solar hot water
  • LED lighting
  • Automation
  • Bank of capacitors that store energy to avoid alterations of electricity
  • The plant will have a dust collection system, a fitness room, a yoga or relaxation area, a healthy kitchen, an outdoor park and a terrace which will all have a positive impact on the well-being of our employees.

How to ensure incendiary security?

  • Regular verification of heat zones
  • Collaboration étroite avec le service d’incendie de la ville de Bécancou
  • Sprinkler system.

What will the sound level be?

Very low

  • All our production equipment will be inside the building.
  • Our choice of location is in regards to the proximity of residential neighbors.

Are there any smells coming from the company?


  • The process is ambient without heating, except for some equipment.
  • We will use water to lower the temperature.

How many jobs will be created?

  • 1 foreman
  • 8 shredder operators
  • 1 molding operator
  • 1 person at the granulator
  • 3 people for shipping / receiving materials
  • 1 mechanic (or mechanical technician)
  • 1 general handyman
  • Operational manager
  • Administrative assistant
  • 1 representative

Why did we choose Bécancour to install our company?

The Bécancour industrial park is a strategic location given its location. Between Montreal and Quebec, located at the crossroads of several highways and links of maritime and railway transport.

The region offers a large pool of labor, including qualified personnel with experience in industry.

What are the phases of the project?

An environmental impact study has been filed. If these steps are successful, the construction of the plant is scheduled for November 2019, which will allow it to begin its operations in 2020.