Ethanol Chimneys
12 May 2018
Ethanol Chimneys
12 May 2018

Ethanol Chimneys

Top five Reasons to Choose Ethanol Fireplaces:
1 – No Chimney, No Vent
2 – Flexible Design
3 – Easy Use
4 – Eco-Friendly
5 – Natural flame

Minimum quantity : 10


All devices come ready to use and easy to install. Whether for modern or traditional interior design for personal or business, the key to a good choice lies in the use of an insert that is easy to both use and install, and which can fit in your interior design without distorting it.It will save your time and money, above, it will add a class to your modern design–Focal Point!!!

A real fire is a stunning addition to any home or garden; whether designed as a subtle statement or a dramatic centrepiece, there is a unique attraction to dancing, flickering flames that simply cannot be matched by any imitation.

Ethanol fires are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional wood or coal burning fire.