LED lighting – garden, park or public area lamp post
12 July 2018
Bollard LED for commercial applications, garden or landscape, 25 watts.
12 July 2018

LED lighting – garden, park or public area lamp post

Characteristics : 

  • Voltage :  120-277V  50/60H
  • LED Current : 700mA
  • PF : >0.95
  • Working Temperature : -40℃to +55
  • Life Span : >30000hrs
  • CRI : RA>75
  • CCT : 3000K-6500K
  • IP : IP65
  • Driver : tridonic
  • Housing : die-casting, spray painting finished
  • Diffuser :  glass
  • Warranty : 5 years



Whether parks, squares, pedestrian zones or seafronts, these open spaces are an integral part of urban life. Adequate lighting creates pleasant visual experiences. Welcoming, entertaining and stimulating, LED lighting helps to create a reassuring and unique atmosphere. With these lights, create urban areas that promote tourism and economic development while saving energy and reducing your environmental impact.

The LED drum top luminaire offers energy efficiency and lighting quality in a utility model of classic look and style. The advanced LED optical system improves horizontal and vertical scatter uniformity, reduces glare, and increases control of lighting.

The overhead luminaire offers a reduction of nearly 60% in electricity consumption compared to standard HID systems, depending on the application. This reliable device works well in cold climates; its useful life of nearly 61/2 years reduces the frequency and maintenance costs, based on a duration of 30,000 hours with 12 hours of operation per day. In addition, this environmentally friendly product contains no mercury or lead.

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15pcs(CREE), 20pcs(CREE), 25pcs(CREE)


30 watts, 2940 lm, 45 watts 4400 lm, 55 watts 5390 lm