All our products in seven categories correspond to very high quality standard according to our strict manufacturing standards and quality control. They meet the current national approved standards , as well as approved and certified seals which are homologated to the highest guarantee of our company and according to the laws of consumer protection of Canada .
Our standards are : ISO , ROHS , CE, UL , CUL , ETL, QPS , CSA, DLC , IDA.

At Ecosource Canada workers who manufacture our products are treated with respect and dignity. Ecosource Canada ensure they work in a clean, healthy and with a suitable schedule.


The heat pump technology is bases on the concept of heat transfer. Instead of burning fuel to generate heat, the heat pump simply move heat from one place where it is plentiful (the source) to another place a water storage tank. Excellent COP3.8 to 5.22 efficiency from – 25 up 55 celsius

Air to water heat pump
Integrated hot water tank
Pool heater
Air conditioning






Solar hot water are devices that use energy from the sun to heat water. Solar water heating is used around the world. We have two types collectors flat plate and vacuum tube. Solar water systems consist of solar collectors plus a well insulated water storage tank plus pump & controls using the theory of water circulation and energy absorption, solar water heating allows for virtually free hot water.

Flat Solar hot water collector
Vacuum solar hot water collector
Tank pump and control







Based on the theory of photoelectric conversion, PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV) panels are used to convert the energy from the sun into electricity directly. They are a source of power for many applications with or without being connected to the local power grid, mobile lighting and outdoors / remote sites. We offer a wide range of PV panels from 5WP to 280WP, various designs, efficiency. They are guaranteed for 25 years.

Wires, Mounting brackets
Trackers, Inverters
Batteries, Controllers






High power streetlights in LED or Solar LED are used to replace traditional light sources as green energy efficient alternative for lighting of roads highways Expressways Park and parking lots. Have the Streetlights come with a rectangular beam pattern design have long lifetimes minimal maintenance and do not have the glaring affect typical of most streetlights. All lighting is supplied with National standard certification and right applications.

Cobra head and wall pack
Canopy and flood
Decorative garden
Explosion proof





LED super high color rendering index is a modern indoor outdoor lighting product. Our LED are high quality product as light source and unique circuit controlling design which contributes to high power converting efficiency. When compared with conventional lamps our LED can save you up to 65% energy . Moreover in average life spam is ove 50,000 hrs

Par 20, Par 30, Par 38, A19
Tube, troffer, downlight
Corn bulb thin panel







These solutions are specially designed to provide simple lighting and power solution to the remote areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America as well as for outdoor activities, sport and camping Can you enumerate transportability, reliability, watertight and its multi-functionality such as lighting, charging, for all kind of applications with solar mobility .

Solar powerpack
Solar bag charger
Foldable solar charger for phone and laptops
Solar barbeques & Solar fridge
Solar digital video





In a world where environmental concern as a paramount of importance, home comfort with our eco-energy product as well as autonomous or hybrid home with our green energy lines finds its place. It is both way to recharge and reconnecting with the natural. With our simple and environmentally friendly solutions, these products are designed for easy installation.

Ethanol Chimneys
Pellet Stove
Electric fireplace
Wireless home automation
Infra red heating system