About Ecosource Canada

Ecosource Canada is a trusted company for your renewable energy products. Through rigorous management, efficient logistics and a constant focus on high-quality service, Ecosource Canada offers a wide range of energy-efficient products at competitive prices. Our range of products will meet all your needs.

A little history: Claude Parent founded Ecosource Canada on March 1, 2011. Caring about climate change and current energy cost, Mr. Parent began his career in 1974 in the field of energy efficiency, instrumentation and control. His career has allowed him to capture the attention of several suppliers in the field of green energy who have become trusted partners.

Does it tempt you to live an exceptional experience in green energy? This is possible with Ecosource Canada. By opting for renewable energy-efficient products you contribute to improving the future of future generations and your wallet and the environment will thank you. With more than 500 family products in quality class prices, which are safe, effective and efficient We offer innovation, technology and a turnkey service tailored to your need and your budget. Working as a team in the accomplishment of all your eco-friendly projects. Whether changing to LED lights, installing geothermal, solar panels, domestic comfort and more, we will guide you. Ecosource Canada is your reference in green energy! ”

Be bold and safe, a new green energy experience awaits you, Ecosource Canada will bring you turnkey solution with its energy-efficient products. “A company with everything under one roof in energy efficiency is what we offer.”