Bollard LED for garden & landscape stailess steel
19 June 2018
T8 LED TUBES (neon)
20 June 2018

AC Solar Kit all in one 500w


Kit including:

  • 2 solar panels of 250 watts
  • Battery: 12v 500Ah
  • Housing with 110 volt front socket, USB, connector for bulbs, and digital display
  • AC output (inverter) 800 watts Pure sine wave 220v / 110v
  • 12v 5A controller
  • 6 6 watt bulbs
  • 20-foot cable to power solar panels

Get a reliable portable power source that produces no noise or noxious smoke. For your cottage, boat, camping garage, cabanon or in case of power failure with our solar AC set while a portable. It allows direct charging of USB devices, with DC power supply and 12 V DC power supply.

With its solar panels that gives you wattages to enlighten you, the included lights, provide you with energy to charge your devices is easy, you will have electricity even in remote locations.