2KW wind turbine, solar-wind hybrid system, off-grid.
6 July 2018
Bollard LED for commercial applications, garden or landscape, 6 watts.
10 July 2018

Smart home, business, smart hotel (home automation)

What is a home or a smart business?

It is the networking of the various electrical and electronic devices in the house, controlled by a single centralized system.

A single signal and so many possibilities to facilitate your daily life, more comfort with ease.

Imagine entering the world of smart building …

  • Home automation is used to manage, control and control all elements of the building by automation, but also by accessing remote functions and commands.
  • A wireless network that uses very little energy.
  • The devices are bidirectional and communicate with each other to cover a larger area.
  • Very reliable and inexpensive, the products are compatible with each other, regardless of the manufacturer.

In addition you can make great energy savings and you increase your comfort by controlling the heating and lighting.


Smart home, business, smart hotel (home automation)

Home automation seems complicated for some, it is really easy to use once installed. It even simplifies the use of devices and different tasks.

It is a good solution for single people, the elderly or just for those who are always on the lookout for technology.

Have control over all appliances in a house:

  • Automatic closing of the lights if the room is empty.
  • Programming of heating and cooling according to the outside temperature. Or the presence in the room.
  • Heating off when a window is open.
  • Water leak detection with automatic closing of the water inlet valve.
  • Opening and closing faucets with sensors when a hand is placed underneath.
  • Triggering an automatic sewer backup system.
  • Detection in case of risk of freezing pipes.
  • Open or close the curtains.
  • Electronic devices: activate music, TV, leave the coffee maker, etc.
  • Surveillance camera.
  • Detection of smoke and heat to prevent a fire.
  • Alarm system, different function as in present mode: all lights come on when there is an abnormal movement; in absent mode: no light can be lit.
  • Closing and opening the garage door.
  • Program watering the garden.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Spa.
  • At night, lights are programmed to turn on at the desired intensity for safe movement in the dark through motion detectors.
  • Closing and opening the locks: You leave the house or building, with the only action to block your domotized lock, the alarm system will arm itself, all the lights will turn off and the heating will decrease to the desired temperature . Upon return, with the push of a button on the key ring, the door is broken, the alarm system disarms, the lights come on, the heater adjusts and the best music is heard .
  • Reproduce your routines when you’re on a trip: run the lights, turn on the TVs and even change the posts.

And why not a lighting, ambient D.E.L. multicolored indoor or outdoor, the result is beautiful!

Think about it all with your fingertips, through a computer, a smartphone or an interface: tablet, touch screens installed on the walls, alarm system or even with the recognition voice. Thanks to wireless technology, home automation can be installed as much in a new building as home, office, business, hotel or in an existing building.

It’s time to enter the world of smart home. Contact us, it’s so easy to use … Ecosource Canada with its partner is committed to installing a simple and affordable system. Our turnkey solutions will adapt to each of your needs.