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19 May 2018
Photovoltaic solar panel.
19 May 2018

Flexible and flexible solar panel

High-efficiency, ultra-light, flexible, aesthetic

Flexible solar panel ideal for a sailing boat, a yacht, a trailer, a motorized, RV, travel vehicles, can optimally feed your devices on board, such as your lamps, radio and radio station. A solar installation is the best ecological solution for this use. This waterproof and resistant solar module will adapt flexibly to all surfaces.


The flexible solar panel or flexible solar panel is particularly recommended when the installation surface is not flat like for example on the deck of a boat, on a 4×4 hood or on the roof of a camper. They accept according to the models a more or less important curvature and are for the majority marinized.

Flexible solar panels are photovoltaic panels that produce electricity from solar radiation. They consist of monocrystalline or polycrystalline cells similar to those used in rigid solar panels for roofing. Flexible panels have the distinction of being small panels of low power (between 20W and 200W for most models). Their major asset is their flexibility. They can bend, more or less depending on the models of panels, which allows various possibilities of use.
The flexible panel is also lightweight and compact, which facilitates its transport.

Its flexibility, with a curvature sometimes going up to 60 °, allows a use on various supports like the cars, campers, caravans or even boats. The simplicity of the flexible solar panels allows them to be easily installed. Sometimes hung with a simple adhesive, they can be fixed temporarily and then moved as needed. Located on the roof, they capture the sun’s rays when the vehicle is moving to produce a part of the electricity necessary for its operation. They capture the sun’s rays when the vehicle is moving to produce some of the electricity needed for its operation. They are thus not very bulky and not necessarily visible.

The technology of flexible solar panels is effective even when the sun is veiled. Electricity production therefore continues in cloudy weather.

The applications are different from electricity generation for the resale usually used when the panels are placed on the roof. Flexible panels are always used for self-consumption, that is to say for its own consumption, because their production is limited. They are perfectly adapted to mobile applications requiring a small autonomy (small mobile electric appliances consuming little electricity) or more simply to recharge the batteries of electrical devices (smartphone, tablet, …). They are also used on non-flat surfaces such as the roof of motorhomes, caravans or boats for example to provide electricity.

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monocrystallin / polycrystalin

monocrystallin, polycrystalin

Panneau solaire flexible

ECO-FP-215M, ECO-FP-110M, ECO-FP-210P, ECO-FP-105P