27 August 2018
TRI-Proof LED light, IP66, linkable or single
28 August 2018

TRI Proof LED light, IP66 linkable or single


  • Watt: 50W
  • Color: warm white 2700~3200K, pure white 4000~4500K, cool white 6000-6500K
  • Lumen: 4100±10%lm
  • Size(L): 1200*90*62mm (4 feet)
  • Input Voltage: AC100-277
  • LED quantity: 312pcs SMD283
  • Isolated drive
  • CRI: 8
  • Working Frequency: 50-60H
  • Material: Al housing+PC cover
  • Lifespan:>50,000hrs
  • Certificate: CE, TUV, ETL, SA
  • WARRANTY: 3 years

Minimum: 6 units


What is LED Tri-proof Luminaires

LED Tri-proof luminaires are durable and eco-friendly alternative lighting systems to traditional fluorescent tubes. LED Tri-proof luminaires are designed to withstand severe environments and will help you reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%.

LED Tri-proof Light are specifically built to withstand conditions susceptible to water, dust and corrosion impacts. ShineLong tri-proof luminaires are Incredibly durable and long lasting, they are highly resistant to heavy impacts.

  • Apart from the many advantages such as 80% energy saving over traditional fluorescent tubes, Our Tri-proof luminaires fixture is extremely rugged. It comes along with high quality casing that makes it suitable for environments such as subway stations, hallways, stairwells and schools.
  • Apart from its high efficiency and durability, its quality is also high. This is what makes our LED Tri-proof luminaire the best lighting solution with a performance you can trust. Here are some of the advantages that make our LED Tri-proof Light the best.
  • Energy Saving
  • LED Tri-proof Light are suitable for applications where a low energy solution is required or when you want to cut down your energy spending. It saves up to 80% of energy compared to traditional fluorescent tubes.
  • Components Saving
  • Unlike the traditional fluorescent tubes, LED Tri-proof Light do not require ballast and starter to operate.
  • Extremely long life
  • Solid State
  • Eco-Friendly
  • It does not emit any Hazardous rays such as UV or IR Radiation, and it does not contain lead or mercury either.
  • Ecosource Canada is here to offer the best LED lighting solutions. It does not matter what your lighting needs may be; we offer everything that can suit your home and your workspace.
  • Whilst using much less energy, it reduces the amount of bucks you would typically spend. We are committed to providing high quality LED products.
  • If you want to equip your parking garage, warehouse, chicken shed, livestock shelter, slaughter house, car wash, or food processing industry with energy-saving and cost-efficient LED solutions,LED Tri-proof Light is the best solution. It is ideal replacement for high-wattage and inefficient compact fluorescent lamps because it is an incredibly durable tube luminaire. It is impervious to water, dust, vapor, and other corrosive elements.
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