Bollard LED for commercial applications, garden or landscape, 8 watts.
10 July 2018
LED light fixture – street lamp, top garden or lamppost
12 July 2018



Product Features:

  • Anti-yellow wingand heat resisting silicon glue, chemical resistance acid and alkaline,available for extremelyterrible outdoor environment.
  • Excellent flexibility to shape optionally.
  • Uniform and soft luminance, no light spot.
  • Super brightness large chip, golden wire welded and copper led holder for quicker heat dissipation ,
  • higher stability, longer life span.
  • Leadless SMT technique (RoHS certificated), smooth welding joint, firm connection of led and pcb.
  • Certification: ISO, ETL, CE, LioHS.
  • Warranty: 3 years
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Strip LED comparison of colloid specifications between flexible silicone and flexible PVC:


LED strip: colloid features in -40 · c

  • Flexible silicone: No cracks after 30 days
  • Flexible PVC LED Strip: Totally cracked

Notes:  The low temperature resistant of silicone is superior than PVC or epoxy materials


LED strip: Colloid features in 120·c

  • Flexible silicone: No obvious change after 72 hours
  • Flexible PVC LED strip: Colloid changed into yellow and deforme  after 2 hours

Notes: The high temperature resistant of silicone is superior than PVC or epoxy


LED strip: colloidal features in 180 · c

  • Flexible silicone : No obvious change after 72 hours
  • Flexible PVC LED strip : Colloid changed into brown and some melted after 20 minutes

Notes : Over 150·c , PVC is easily hydrolyzed, Viscosity becomes weaken and easily separated


LED strip : Steadily lighted in Seawater for 72 hours

  • Flexible Silicone : No obvious change
  • Flexible PVC LED Strip : Serious atomizationon the surface

Notes : The waterproof grade of silicone led strip can reach to IP67, high resistance to acidic alkali and salt properties


LED strip : Thermal conductivity

  • Flexible silicone : Good thermal conductivity
  • Flexible PVC LED Strip : No thermal conductivity

Notes : PVC and epoxy cannot conduct heat, while silicone has good thermal conductivity



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