Ventilation solaire / solar ventilator
Solar ventilator, attic fan
6 May 2018
Bulb LED A19
7 May 2018

LED street lamp or integrated solar street lamp

Main advantage:

  •  Solar panel, battery, controller and LED lamp are integrated in a box, easy to ship, install and maintain.
  • Uses a LiFePo4 lithium battery extends the service life to 5 years.
  • All parts connected with the waterproof connector, reduce the fault rate and reduce the maintenance cost.


  • Standards: CE, RoHS, IP65
  • Use: city, park, sign etc.
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • For the outside


  • Easier for installation
  • Easier to replace parts (led, battery, controller)


Installing the light on the pole is really child’s play, just need three screws. Two workers fix the light on the pole, takes only 10 minutes for installation.

All in one: the solar panel, the LED lamp, the lithium battery, the controller and the sensor are integrated together. No additional accessories.

Maintenance: With a modular design, easy to find faulty parts (battery, LED, controller or PIR motion detector) and replace.

Factory tested before delivery.

Additional information


Wattage & lumens

8w = 20w sunpower, 800-880k
Mounting height: 3-4m

12w = 20w sunpower, 1200-1320k
Mounting height: 3-4m

15w = 30w mono, 1500-1650k
Mounting height: 4-5m

18w = 45w mono, 1500-1650k
Mounting height: 4-5m

20w = 50w sunpower, 2000-2200k
Mounting height: 5-6m

25w = 50w sunpower, 2500-2750k
Mounting height: 5-6m

30w = 60w sunpower, 3000-3300k
Mounting height: 6-7m

40w = 60w sunpower, 4000-4400k
Mounting height: 6-7m

50w = 90w sunpower, 5000-5500k
Mounting height: 7-8m

60w = 90w sunpower, 6000-6600k
Mounting height: 7-8m

80w = 130w sunpower, 6000-6600k
Mounting height: 8-10m



Loading time

6 hours

Discharge time

full power: 12 hours – economy mode: 24 hours