Solar pump for drinking water and irrigation
19 May 2018
Swimming pool water heater / solar spa
19 May 2018

Solar hot water

We have flat solar collectors, tube or U depending on your project and your needs.


  • tank
  • pump
  • control


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Solar hot water

How a solar thermal water heater works:

The solar hot water collectors are installed on the roof of a residence and absorb the energy of the sun. They convert this energy into heat. The heat is then used by the system to heat the water stored in the hot water tank for domestic use.


  • No pollutant
  • The source is the sun, free energy, renewable and abundant
  • The solar water heater alone can significantly reduce CO2 emissions (greenhouse gases). By reducing our daily emissions, we are directly contributing to slowing global warming. In general, a family house (two adults and two children) equipped with a solar water heater can reduce CO2 emissions by 20%.