Thermostat for infrared heated subfloor
1 June 2018
Thermostat à cadran /Not programmable wired dial thermostat
Not programmable wired dial thermostats
1 June 2018

Thermostat plugin programmable for infrared pannel


110 volts thermostat for infrared panel

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Thermostat plugin programmable

The thermostat plugin allows you to program 110 volt infrared panels efficiently. Easy to use and simple to plug into a socket. Also the pluggable programmable thermostat allows the user to configure the desired temperature.

  • Select heating mode with an easy-to-use switch
  • Easy to use and simple to plug into a standard outlet for installation by yourself
  • Select the desired comfortable temperature using the controls
  • ON / OFF power switch
  • Temperature range: 5 ~ 60 ℃ (41 ~ 140 ℉)
  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 1 ° C ro +/- 3 °

In conclusion, it is designed with a very precise negative temperature coefficient sensor. In addition to a high performance electronic control circuit which provides a very precise temperature control

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