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19 May 2018
Single Mirror LED BACK LIGHT Infrared heating
30 May 2018

Titan simple mirror Infrared heating


Titan Infrared Mirror

Using the latest technology in glass, our toughened two-way glass mirror gives a high output of heating rather than trapping behind conventional
mirrors coatings

  • Size:  350W = 600*700*22mm 500W = 600*1000*22mm
  • Type: Tempered Mirror Two Way Glass
  • Weight: 350W = 7.5Kilo‘s 500W = 10.8Kilo‘s

Specifications: 6mm toughend two way Mirror Glass with aluminium back with polished edge and 5mm radius corners.

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Titan simple mirror Infrared heating

Our stylish frameless Mirror ed Infrared Heaters our perfect for any room,   and IP65 rating and polished edges to stop any rusting of the mirror.

Using the latest technology in manufacturing of glass mirror our innovative frameless infrared mirror, are available in three designs that will look equally amazing either in a bathroom or bedroom on the wall. The circular model has a diameter of 900mm and will look equally as well in any room in the house.

Sizes & Wattage

600*700 350Watt 1.95 5.14-6.61㎡
600*700 350Watt 1.95 5.14-6.61㎡ Halo LED Backlight
600*1000 500Watt 2.60 7.35-8.33㎡
600*1000 500Watt 2.60 7.35-8.33㎡ Halo LED Backlight
900 Round 500Watt 3.91 7.35-8.33㎡

In conclusion for the calculation of the number of watts required for a property: this is determined by how old the property is, if the property has adequate insulation and if the windows and doors are single or double glazed.

So, the average for a well-insulated modern property with double glazing is 70w m2. Calculate the length of the room multiplied by the width [L x L]. If it’s in the foot, divide by 10 to put in meter. This figure is then this figure multiplied by 70 watts which will give you the wattage required for the room.

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