5 * 5 M Infrared Heated Subfloor 5PCS
1 June 2018
5 * 7M Subfloor heating infrared 7PCS
1 June 2018

5 * 6 M Infrared Heated Subfloor 6PCS


Carbon Underfloor Infrared Heating.

Infrared Underfloor Heating. Ecosource radiant heating system costs 30-50% less to operate than traditional heating methods, and is healthier for you and your family.

Easily installed under flooring, our infrared underfloor is completely ductless, completely zone able and completely maintenance free.

This infrared heating technology does not waste energy heating the air in a room, but directly heats the objects in the room – including you.

Ecosource carbon heat film is a cost effective, high quality heating solution for any structure.

** It is important to buy the ‘Floor Heating Thermostats’ to avoid problems.

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Infrared floor heating.

  • 5 * 6 M r  subfloor is healthier for you and your family.
  • Costs 30 to 50% cheaper than traditional heating methods.
  • Installation on the 220 volts to reduce the electrical costs to the maximum.
  • Easy to install.
  • Without conduit, without maintenance.
  • No moving parts to be machined therefore no maintenance.
  • Only need to cover 70% of the floor area.
  • Do not waste energy by heating the air in a room, therefore directly heats the objects – including you.

Also, carbon thermal film is a cost-effective and high-quality heating solution. Ideal for any place. The electric current is passed through carbon bands to naturally create far infrared rays. As a result, they distribute heat safely and evenly.

The infrared floor provides a healthier atmosphere, no circulation of dust or pollutants in the air. Without any moving parts, making it a permanent and maintenance-free heating solution.

This 5 * 6 M subfloor system is ready to install, supplied as a kit, including:

  • Full carbon film.
  • A waterproof membrane.
  • Cables of 2 meters already connected.
  • Installed under the floor and completely concealed, the subfloor is designed for areas where valuable wall space is required to save space, where further damage to the wall by hung panels could occur.

The Ecosource subfloor is extremely thin and durable. Unlike other electric floor heating products, our carbon fibers do not break easily during installation, are sealed in their own moisture-proof barrier, offers the best of modern nanotechnology.

This remarkably efficient underfloor heating system can be quickly installed under all types of floors.


  • Mat.
  • 3/4 engineered wood.
  • Linoleum and vinyl.
  • Ceramic.
  • Concrete.


In addition, you only need to cover 70% of the floor area. Also, it reduces costs to a minimum. The infrared element begins to heat the room as soon as the system is turned on.

In conclusion, the underfloor heating must be controlled by thermostats and a soil sensor.


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size of the room

30 m2