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22 June 2018
Solar air conditioning 9 000 at 24 000BTU
22 June 2018

Geothermal energy

Geothermal, this is energy that have no greenhouse gases and its raw material, the heat of the Earth is totally free. The exploitation of it is as old as humanity. Today she open vast prospects for your renewable energy projects…

There are many financial aids, grants or a tax credit in sustainable development available, not counting the substantial energy savings each year.

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Its purpose is to ensure thermal comfort by capturing the heat contained in the ground with regard to heating or cooling for a dwelling or a new building.

Geothermal energy can heat buildings, swimming pools and even produce hot water used every day. It helps to cool or cool your property by simply inverting the system and that with one device. By this function, we can say that it is one of the rare modes of heating which allows this reversibility. The thermal comfort of a house, heating, cooling or hot water will be produced by the geothermal installation which has three major elements: sensors outside, a generator and a heating circuit inside the house.

In regard to heating, the heat exchanger captures the heat of the soil which is then collected by the heat pump. This heat is then conveyed to the building through a system heat distribution. Conversely, in cooling mode, the heat from the building is sent to the heat distribution system, then captured by the heat pump, and finally rejected. On the ground by the exchanger. Thus, a kilowatt of electricity consumed by the pump can produce an average of 3 to 5 kilowatts of energy.

The sensor placed vertically or horizontally are buried in the ground of your court or your garden, a coolant circulates inside to turn its calories into heat.(coolant = mixture of antifreeze and water) to the house. This is the most expensive system, but also the most efficient, it allows you savings up to 70% on the annual bill of heating, which is far from negligible, but it requires significant work, especially in case of drilling, or soil test to know what it is.

Some explanations: the earth is heated by several elements: sun, air, wind and rainwater. The ground surrounding the building becomes a reservoir constantly receiving energy under form of calories.

It is important to ask the professional expertise to choose the equipment and size well, then drilling or earthworks must be done to install the sensors.The drilling is subject to administrative authorizations and if our radiators are old and operate at high temperatures, it will be preferable to replace them with to optimize the efficiency of the geothermal heat pump.