Aluminium White Panel Infrared heating
30 May 2018
ICare is a low-temperature infrared heating system.
31 May 2018

Printed aluminium  panel infrared heating


Printed aluminium Infrared Heater.

Replace traditional heating on the wall in a room, sized to make it efficient and to be used in conjunction with a hanging grid ceiling allowing for the surface area to penetrate further into the room and it objects.

Provide us with an HD JPEG image and we will print it on the panel to make it a frame.

Specifications: Frameless powered coated aluminium with seamless corners and folded radius to offer a hard wearing metal panel,

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Printed aluminium  panel infrared heating

Ecosource aluminum infrared printing panels are the most cost-effective and efficient solution on the market, ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Saving 30 to 40% on your electric bill.

They are simple, discreet and can easily be installed. They can be wall mounted or placed in a suspended grid instead of ceiling tiles, thereby heating the room from above. In this way, saving space and additional thermal coverage.


  • Satin surface
  • Provide an image in JPEG HD and it will be a beautiful frame
  • Aluminum coating
  • Without frame
  • Equal heat over the entire surface
  • Insulated with an internal buffer of 13 mm, ensuring 98% heat generation without loss from the back.

Designed so that the box resists any normal living space, with its finish, which makes it easy to clean, its edges seamless and uniform, this panel makes smooth lines without interruption and its fixing points are ideal.

Size & Wattage

595*595 350Watts 1.52 5.14-6.61㎡
595*795 500Watts 2.17 7.35-8.33㎡
595*1195 800Watts 3.47 11.76-13.33㎡

All Ecosource panels must be used with a thermostat, they are not self-contained heating panels, all panels supplied come with an A + certified energy certificate.

In conclusion for the calculation of the number of watts required for a property: this is determined by how old the property is, if the property has adequate insulation and if the windows and doors are single or double glazed.

So, the average for a well-insulated modern property with double glazing is 70w m2. Calculate the length of the room multiplied by the width [L x L]. If it’s in the foot, divide by 10 to put in meter. This figure is then this figure multiplied by 70 watts which will give you the wattage required for the room.

Additional information

350, 500, 800


220, 110 volt it takes a thermostat plugin