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6 September 2018

DC aluminum Infrared heating panel, 48volts


Widen your world with our Infrared heating panel & solar panel

Technical Specifications :

  • Voltage : 48 volt DC
  • Overheat Protection : 120/130 C
  • Energy Transfer : 98%




DC aluminum Infrared heating panel (white), 48volts

Ecosource Infrared satin white  DC aluminum heating powered, Infrared radiant panel. 

Therefore, ideal for mini home, medium size cottage. Used in combination to give greater coverage.

In addition, infrared can significantly reduce your electrical costs. Need a battery in direct connection with the solar management system and necessary use of an inverter.

As a result, it’s designed will conserve power, and operate reliably for many years. Without maintenance panels operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating systems, also giving better thermal comfort levels.

Replaces traditional heating, can be wall mounted, suspended from the ceiling or placed in a suspended ceiling grid instead of white ceiling tiles, thereby heating the room from above.

Frameless powered coated aluminium with seamless corners and folded radius to offer a hard wearing metal panel.

Manufacturer specifications:

  • Surface Design : Frameless seamless aluminum alloy with satin also white powder coated finish
  • Heating Element : Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene.  Carbon Alloy
  • Material : Conductive electrical carbon modular Nanotech FER. alloy
  • Construction : Black tempered toughened glass with post red colored aluminum back
  • Fixings : Wall mounted or ceiling mounted
  • Connection : MC4 solar connector with 2-meter cable
  • Service Life : 20 years
  • Warranty : 1 year

The aluminum frosted surface of our frameless infrared panel, with its uniform heat throughout the surface, makes it the most efficient infrared heater on the market. All well insulated with an internal buffer of 13 mm. Ensuring a heat of 98% without loss by the back. As a result, frameless infrared panels are supplied with all necessary fasteners. Frameless and minimalistic, they are perfect for any modern environment, looking for all the world. As a result, may be discreetly affixed to a wall or ceiling.

Ecosource Infrared panels must be used in conjunction with DC thermostat control units.

Importantly, we recommend installation by a electrician.

Additional information

ECO-IH-DC-150, ECO-IH-DC-225, ECO-IH-DC-300, ECO-IH-DC-400