LED track & monorail lighting
5 September 2018
225 Watt DC Aluminum Infrared Heating Panel (White) ECO-IH-DC-225Panneau de chauffage infrarouge en aluminium DC (blanc)
DC aluminum Infrared heating panel, 48volts
7 December 2018

LED track & monorail lighting



  • Available : white or black or silver
  • Color : warm white (2700-3200K), white (4000-5000K), cool white (5500-6500K)
  • Working Volts : 100-240V
  • Available : white, black or silver
  • Waterproof : IP20
  • High efficiency driver
  • Warranty : 3 years

Minimum: 4 units

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LED track & monorail lighting

Clean-cut in look and maintenance-free. The LED track & monorail lighting adds a touch of depth and balance to any existing interior structure as it projects high-quality, warm white light to accentuate displays, bars and counter tops. Provides spotlights with a 60° tilt and 350° horizontal rotation on steel lamp holders. The LED track & monorail lighting is an ideal option for specialty retail, residential or hospitality structures.

Apart from the many advantages such as 80% energy saving over LED track & monorail lighting,

Apart from its efficiency and durability, its quality is also high. This is what makes our LED track & monorail lighting the best lighting solution with a performance you can trust. Here are some of the advantages.

  • Energy Saving.
  • LED track & monorail lighting are suitable for applications where a low energy solution is required or when you want to cut down your energy spending. It saves up to 80% of energy compared to traditional bulb incandescente or halogen bulb.
  • Extremely long life.
  • Solid State.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • It does not emit any Hazardous rays such as UV or IR Radiation, and it does not contain lead or mercury either.

Ecosource Canada is here to offer the best LED lighting solutions. It does not matter what your lighting needs may be; we offer everything that can suit your home and your workspace.

Whilst using much less energy, it reduces the amount of bucks you would typically spend. We are committed to providing high quality LED products.

If you want to equip your parking, garage, warehouse, chicken shed, livestock shelter, slaughter house, car wash, or industry with energy-saving and cost-efficient LED solutions,Ecosource Canada is the best solution.

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ECO-NK-TL-3W-300-350Lm, ECO-NK-TL-3W-270-300Lm, ECO-NK-TL-3W- 300-350Lm, ECO-NK-TL-3W-270-300Lm, ECO-NK-TL-5W- 500-600Lm, ECO-NK-TL-5W- 450-500Lm, ECO-NK-TLW5-5W- 500-600Lm, ECO-NK-TLW5-5W- 450-500Lm, ECO-0NK-TLW7-7W- 700-800Lm, ECO-NK-TLWW7-7W- 600-700Lm, ECO-NK-TLW7-7W-700-800Lm, ECO-NK-TLW7-7W- 600-700Lm