Photovoltaic solar panel.
19 May 2018
Emergency light D.E.L. portable solar for the outdoors.
19 May 2018

Outdoor light portable



  • The use of lighting methods: press the switch.                                                                                                                                 First time press button is high light; Second time low light; third time 20% low light;Fourth time light offhand followed by looping.
  • Handle type USB Charger: Easy to carry.The product corne with USB charging line, USB access to the computer or adapter can be,

    When charging, the red light is bright, full of electricity, the indicator turns green.

    Pull out the head of the USB when charging, when using the handle to USB head can be

    inserted into the groove.

Minimum quantity: 50 units
200 units possibility to have your logo on the light for free (ask price wholesaler)

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Outs proof, waterproof, IP67, the lamp con work normally even 7M under- water. Never worry about raining or water damage in any emergency.

With USB charging wire on the top, it can be hanged to bag, tent or somewhere high for lighting when charging not needed.

Daily-used Practicability:
This lamp has unique shape; it looks like a small orange lamp. When we connect USB wire with power bank, can be used as a hand lamp like a small lantern. Hanging on rearview mirror, it is not only a car decoration but also lighting equipment. This is a adorable and practical crossover product.

The lamp has unique shape, looks like a small orange lamp. Connecting the USB charging line to itself, con use it as hand lamp like a small lantern.

Not only it has the function of lighting, but also con be hang decoration as well. lt is an excellent product as a collection of appearance and practical.