Ethanol Chimneys
12 May 2018
Portable AC Solar Kit
18 May 2018

Portable solar barbecue


  • Net weight: 7 kg Roasttubelength: 74cm
  • Roasttubediameter:8.6cm
  • Roasttubelength: 74cm
  • Carton size: 90*48*22cm
  • Expandsize : 87*80*70cm
  • Carton size: 90*48*22cm
  • Lighting area:0.8m*O. 625m=O. 5m2
  • Power Input : 900w
  • Power 650 (Irradiation is general)
  • Tube ll temperature: 350°C (Irradiation is strongly)
  • Working temperature: 80 °C”‘300°C
  • Cooking time: 3 to 30 minute Warm- up time : 150°C1O minute

The future is today! Finally, saying green energy is the energy of the future
or idea that renewable energy is the younger or smaller brother of more traditional power generating technologies, is tired and out of date.

Solar panel, LED, solar hot water wind turbine, geothermal are mainstream sources of energy – now. The power of the sun, the strength of the wind, and the might
of waters – the planets most abundant resources are being harnessed on a massive scale. No flame lampblack, can cook delicious food in the open air!

There is no fire of coals 100% sunshine.
Horizontal tube baking, is convenient to take and put food.
Ceramic coating. High temperature resistant to 500 C, easy to clean.
Reflector global unique can rotate around the tube, tracking the sun.
Wooden handle, no protective lacquer coating.

Focus sunlight to the wall of pipe vacuum, the light absorption layer of light energy is converted into heat.
High vacuum insulation, so as to achieve above 300 °C high temperature.
Product technology principle solar thermal power generation.

Carry only 7Kg
Other please see the instruction, It manual paste on the box, do not have to worry about losing.

About the cooking time :
–Fine ham 5~10min
— The flesh of flake 10~15min
— Baked eggs 5~10min
–Steamed seafood 15~25min
–Steamed green corn 25~30min
–Roasted vegetables 15~25min.

Food reference dosage: 300g sunny day