LED thin light panel 1X1, 1X2, 2X2, 2X4
13 July 2018
LED Troffer series
28 July 2018

Hybrid Electrical & solar LED street light

—SiNGLE Model:

  • 60W LED ( Warranty 5 years / 50 000 h)
  • 8M POLE (Steel /Warranty 5 years )
  • Solar Panel 160W MONO CRYSTALINE ( Warranty 25 years)
  • Gel 1 battery 2V 150Ah ( Warranty 2 years)
  • Contrôler relay time switch et luminosity 24V/10A (Warranty 5 years)
  • Panel box & câble (Warranty 10 years)


—Double Twin Model (Blvd Type ):

  • 2 x 60W LED (Warranty 5 years / 50 000 h)
  • 8M POLE (Steel pole warranty 5 years )
  • 2 x solar panel ( warranty 5 years) (160W*2 MONO CRYSTALINE)
  • 2 Gel Batteries 12V/150Ah (warranty 2 years)
  • Controler : Timer & luminosity 24V/20A ( warranty 5 years)
  • Panel box & câble ( Warranty 5 years)



Distribution of Light:

High power LED road lamps use high-accuracy optical lens to distribute the light, which makes the road lamps form standard bat-like light distribution curve making the possibility of wide and even brightness. Besides, LED road lamps can be designed differently according to various road conditions and different pole heights, especially during the replacement of old lamps, there will be no probability of shadow areas.

Structure and Maintenance:

The special heat sink together with LED can be combined into different lamp covers, which may add convenience in maintenance and replacement as well as reduce cost. What’s more important, the structure of LED with characteristics makes the possibility that if one LED breaks, it will not exert any influence to other LED and the whole lamp will be bright as before.

Low Light Attenuation Rate:

With the combination of high electronic techniques, heat dissipation techniques and precise process engineering, high power LED have low light attenuation rate. The present tests show that the attenuation rate can be controlled within 10% in five years.

Low Brightness Decline Rate We do experiments in our factory lab like this; we let our lamps be lighting every day 24h continously. They have been lighting for more than 2,2000h and the data shows that the brightness decline rate of our lamps is only about 10%.


HYBRID Special Design a complete system of solar road lamp includes many other components besides lamp and solar panel. And an ideal design can minimize the cost. And in our design of solar road lamps, there are two competitive advantages. On one hand, the working time, we design the lamp to work at full power (for example 60W) before midnight, and then after midnight let the lamp work at half power (30W) as there are less people in the street so as to reduce the cost. On the other hand one very competitive advantage, it is our hybrid system kit with a swich relay when battery goes down it turn on with the existing power grid the saving can be over 90 %.

Good Brightness:

At the premise of the same power, our lamps will be 10-15% brighter than others, which was the feedback from our users. And this advantage also can help reduce in cost as you can lower the power of the lamp and at the same time the volume of solar panel and battery.

Additional information



MODEL ECO-R3000 (60 & 80 watts)
Input voltage : DC24v/110-377
Output voltage: DC24V /110-347V
Temperature color : 3500-7500*
Efficency: >85%
Lifespam: >50000 h
Color: ≥80
Temperature: Ambiant -40°C +70°C
Angle :120-140°
Protection: IP65 or IP66
Dimensions (mm): 830*340*220
Weight (kg): 7.5

Watts standard: 160
Voltage (v): 34
Amper: 4.7
Circuit voltage: 43.2
Short circuit / voltage: 3.7
Dimension(mm): 800*1580*35 
weight (KG): 20.4

Gel Battery 12V / 150Ah
Dimensions (mm): 480*170*240
Weight (kg): 43.1
Life: 5 à 7 years
Warranty : 2 ans

Controler: Timerswitch & luminosity 12V/24V 15A/20A
Dimensions (mm): 116.3*104.4*37.7
Weight : 1kg
Life : 20 years
Warranty : 5 years
Digital model available

Model Nema 10
Dimensions (mm): 500*190*260
Intdoor & Outdoor application
Dust and rain proof