Respect the planet, reduce your electricity consumption

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23 November 2017
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Respect the planet, reduce your electricity consumption

What is D.E.L lighting? (Light emitting diode). This is the first step to reduce your consumption

The lights at D.E.L. or L.E.D. in English were invented in the 1960s, but they are only beginning to be known.

They have several advantages:

-The ultimate in energy efficiency since they can produce the same luminous flux (lumens) by consuming 80 to 90% less energy.
-Does not release UV light (facilitates reading)
-Do not produce flickering light (better productivity, less stress and greater concentration)
-Large light efficiency of 85% to 90% compared to other types of incandescent bulbs of 5%.
-Duration of life much longer 30 000h to 50 000h versus 5000h to 15 000 for fluorescent or 1000h for incandescent bulbs.
-Excellent resistance to shock, vibration, cold
-Replacement less frequent (reduction of maintenance costs)
-Help reduce GHG emissions associated with electricity generation.
-Contributes to the objectives of reducing the ecological footprint of companies.

The mercury present in the twisted tubes of the compact fluorescent bulbs is VERY toxic, as much for the nature as for the man himself, the D.E.L. by its design has no mercury, in fact undoubtedly the most ecological that exists.

At the end of life, D.E.L. will experience a gradual decline in yield rather than suddenly fade as conventional bulbs.

There are three common colors:

– The warm white (2500 – 3000 Kelvins): this light halfway between white and yellow provides a feeling of relaxation and brings a warm atmosphere. It is ideal for rooms and adapts to quiet activities.
– Neutral white (4000 – 4500 Kelvins): it corresponds to the light diffused by the sun at the zenith. This lighting is ideal for living rooms and other living rooms.
– The cold white (6000 – 7000 Kelvins): this bluish white color promotes concentration and allows strong lighting in all circumstances. It is very convenient for workplaces such as offices.

Unlike other bulbs, D.E.L. can also diffuse more fanciful color lights: red, blue, green, mauve …

An overview of the savings possible in a company over a lighting period of 12 hours / day:

Standard bulb incandescent Bulb D.E.L.

438 kWh / year 83 kWh / year
power 100 W each power 19 W each
electricity cost $ 36.27 / year electricity cost $ 6.87 / year
service life 1,000 hours service life 50,000 hours

On average, the life of a light bulb D.E.L. is between 10 and 20 years, even leaving open your lights 12h / day, 365 days.

Who says low energy consumption says drop in the electricity bill! Say goodbye to high bills and welcome the D.E.L. No need to change the lights, it is compatible just change the bulb or neon. Your wallet will thank you. In the example given, the economy would be $ 29.40 / bulb per year. According to the Hydro Quebec site, D.E.L. is the best choice!

Lighting for office, trade, industry, home, URBAN lighting for street, road, park, tunnel, parking … Ecosource is present to offer you a wide range of energy-efficient product consulting engineering, study in photometry if necessary, turnkey solution, before and after sales service. We offer great economy and a much longer durability.

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