Infrared radiant heating : panel, mirror…

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16 May 2017
Respect the planet, reduce your electricity consumption
6 December 2017

Infrared radiant heating : panel, mirror…

Do you want to save on your heating bill? Use infrared radiant heating.

You want a pleasant, ecological, innovative and fast heating that brings you well-being? Well, there is !!■. ... significant savings on your electric bill.

Infrared rays do not heat the air, but any nearby objects: walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, trinkets and people return this heat and guarantee a perfect 
comfort that can not be achieved with other systems. Infrared heats up efficiently: no energy is lost as with other heating methods that heat the air. 
No drop in temperature when a door opens...

 ■ silent and odorless

■ no risk of CO2 poisoning

■ no circulation of dust and dust mites, which has a positive effect on the respiratory tract. (Good for asthmatics, people with contact lenses, allergies... 
Mites can also cause eczema.)

■ Stable moisture (good for rheumatism sufferers, not to mention that moisture promotes the growth of mold and mites, which can cause asthma and bronchitis 
in predisposed people.)

■ More uniform heat distribution which avoids the problem of cold feet and hands, as there is little heat difference between the floor and the ceiling.

■ Infrared heat is often used in medicine because of its healing properties

PERFECT FOR apartments, house, basement, senior citizen homes, nurseries, offices, workshops, garages, lounges, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, 
office, etc .. but also for the veranda, under -sol, yoga studio, spas, health centers and much more ...

Comfortable warmth in your home or at work. All you need is a simple electrical outlet for our 110 volt model and four anchor screws or if you want to 
install on the 220 volts. Hang on the wall, incorporate an image of your choice or installed on the ceiling, here is an effective solution, healthy and 
elegant ... it also exists in mirrors.

It's the heating of the future!

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