Welcome to the Reseau ConstruNet & Paul-Émile Lizée

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16 February 2017
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23 November 2017

Welcome to the Reseau ConstruNet & Paul-Émile Lizée

It is with great pleasure that the Ecosource Canada Inc team welcomes Mr. Paul-Emile Lizee, president founder of Reseau ConstruNet as a distributor /partner. He took office on May 5 and
we wish him the best possible achievements

Mr. Lizee brings extensive professional experience in the world of construction and manufacturing. Definitely, a entrepreneur on is soul for more than 25 years, he has worked for the creation and development of Réseau ConstruNet, a company that touches the entire Quebec industry. Mr. Lizee brings with him a vast network of contacts both in the industries and service level, proudly in complementing our mission and our values ​​in the environmentally friendly and sustainable environment

As a distributor /partner with expertise skill and experience, Mr. Lizee will contribute to the main objectives and achieve growth and promote the visibility of Ecosource Canada Inc. His role within the team will be strategic and constitutive since he will participate actively to the development of the branding inside our categories in green and renewable energies.

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