Every little gesture for the planet and our wallet likes that …

29 May 2018
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21 September 2018

Every little gesture for the planet and our wallet likes that …

It is a fact that our individual and collective consumption of energy is excessive and the consequences on nature and planet are catastrophic. That said, there are small things we can do to change that …Every little gesture is important.

To save energy for both the planet and the portfolio, it is interesting to reduce its power consumption. To be able to act effectively one must start at the beginning …

1- Change your lights for LED lights. An annual saving of between $ 120 and $ 200 of electricity. No mercury, LED bulbs offer many benefits in terms of shape, brightness and color.

Easy to change because they are compatible with most residential, commercial or industrial applications. Comparable to conventional incandescent lamps, they have a much longer life between 10,000 and 50,000h depending on models and consume less energy than compact fluorescent bulbs. A good start to help the environment!

Advantages of LED lights:

  • Energy savings between 70 and 90% compared to incandescent lighting products.
  • Ideal for hard-to-reach areas, such as cornices, high ceilings.
  • Life expectancy between 10,000 and 50,000 hours.
  • Adjustable light intensity with a compatible dimmer.
  • Low heat emission.

Several color temperatures offered depending on the use: “warm white”, “cold white” or “natural light” this correspond to kelvins (K). The higher the number of kelvins, the more the light is white or cold. Conversely, the lower the number of kelvins, the more yellowish or hot the light. If you want a color that is close to the light that an incandescent bulb produces, opt for a bulb of 2700 K to 3000 K, it will be a warm ambient light. For worktops, a whiter color will motivate you.

We recommend for your residence:

Living room: 2700 to 3000k for mood lighting.
Kitchen: warm white (2700 to 3000k) for ambiance and neutral white for worktop (4000k).
Room: 2700 to 3000k for relaxing lighting.
Bathroom: two types of lighting: warm white (2700 to 3000k) for ambiance and neutral white (4000k) to enhance certain elements or accessories such as washbasin or mirror.
Garage: it is essential to illuminate it well and choose a functional brightness to go about your business safely. As required: LED bulbs ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 K.

Do not forget the outdoor lighting: soffit, wall, walk, terrace, flower bed. Several choices are available to you. To the electric or solar LED.

2- Of course, it is possible to look at the heating which accounts for 54% of your electric bill, by installing a more energy-efficient system like fireplace pellet, infrared panels, infrared heating floor, heat pump …









General advice::

  • During cold seasons, put the temperature 3 ° C (5 ° F) lower at night and during the day when you are away for a few hours. You will save 4-5% on your heating costs.
  • Lower the temperature of unoccupied rooms; close the door so that it does not affect your comfort in the other rooms, you can easily reduce it to 15 ° C (59 ° F) without problems.
  • Check the set temperature of your thermostat. Decrease the thermostat temperature by only 1 ° C (2 ° F) and save money.
  • Change your thermostats for an electronic programmable model. Save up to 10% of your annual heating costs. If you can not replace all of your thermostats, first change the rooms where the heat is most needed. Use a master electrician to install the new thermostats.
  • Caulk windows, driveways, garage doors … keep the heat inside and reduce air leaks. You will make great savings.
  • Open the blinds and curtains during the day and close them at night.
  • Do not put furniture in front of a heat source (electric baseboard, radiator, etc.).
  • Make sure the air intake grilles and blower outlets of your forced-air heating system are clean. Keep the doors closed and the device that vents the chimney, this will prevent losses. air.
  • Clean the ventilation system filters regularly, replace them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This will optimize its air flow.
  • Check that the attic door is tight and well insulated.
  • Caulk plumbing pipes at their junction as well as any other openings such as ceiling lights.

At all times:

3- Hot water represents 23% of your electric bill:

Lower your heat by a few degrees. Use low-flow faucets and shower heads (up to 40% savings versus a traditional faucet).
Thermodynamic water heater or solar water heater.

Thermodynamic water heater or solar water heater. 


Thermodynamic water heater, allows hot water to be heated using the surrounding energy free of charge with no significant acquisition costs by using an innovative hot water heat pump. These systems support the heat of the surrounding air present in a room that is heated passively either by your heating system or electrical appliances that emit a lot of heat. It can absorb up to 75% of the free energy found in the air of your engine room or cellar.


Advantages :

  • Effectively protects the environment by reducing CO2 emissions by up to 75%.
  • The costs of domestic hot water preparation are reduced by up to 60%.
  • Dehumidify and refresh the room where it is placed.
  • CFC-free thermal insulation significantly reduces energy loss.

Solar water heater: This allows use twelve months a year. No electricity to pay for your hot water.


Main advantages:

  • Low cost: initial investment, but long life.
  • Environmental protection: no energy consumption.
  • zero pollution.

4- When buying electrical appliances make sure they are ENERGY STAR qualified.

A dryer consumes between 350 and 400kWh / year so extend your clothes to the outdoors as much as possible. Washing with cold water is also a nice economy.
Regarding the devices on standby as a television, it continues to consume electricity. Over a year, appliances on standby would still account for 10% of household electricity consumption. Unplug your devices if they are not used for a long time.

Every little gesture is important for the environment after all ” the earth is not a gift of our parents, it is our children who lend it to us. ” (Indian proverb) and if we look at the earth with the love we have of life, the world will reveal all its beauty. Good reflection !

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