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6 March 2018
29 May 2018

My water is precious, I keep it! I make a difference!

Support us! Help us get to know Valv’econ’eau Kit, advertise around our project, share using Indiegogo tools, talk about it!  Water is a natural resource to protect …

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Save water and energy without compromising your comfort and pressure drop.

Get this Valv’econ’eau Kit and limits flow rate to 3.7 liters per minute. 30 liters / 8 minute shower. While offering unmatched efficiency. This flow rate translates into a 75% reduction in water use, saving tens of thousands of liters of water each year, as well as a reduction of up to $ 175 in heating-related electricity costs, water + fees if you pay for your water!  A nice gesture for the planet and your wallet.

An exceptional concept and performance!

The Valv’econ’eau Kit is the intelligent shower system, it’s you who have control … The designer had the idea by taking an outdoor shower, having bought in a gardening department an article to water the plant in height, a simple hand shower and a manual pressure valve at the other end. Out of curiosity he wanted to check the amount of water used, the result was surprising … Eureka!  a great way to save water … He worked on adapting this concept to the indoor shower. Safe, very powerful, here is finally a unique concept.

Its purpose is to reduce the waste of our drinking water in institutional, residential, recreational, commercial and industrial environments during our body treatments.

Environmental issues

This product is eco-responsible; it reduces the impacts associated with the following environmental issues:

  • Climatic changes
  • Availability and quality of water
  • Resource depletion

Benefits for the environment: artesian wells, septic tanks, filtration and wastewater treatment plants, not to mention the hydro bills of consumers. Useful for saving for people with a water meter.

Where do we need Valv’econ’eau?

  • Residence, mini-house
  • Place using an artesian well: secondary house, cottage, camp …
  • Recreational vehicle (RV): motorized, caravan, fithwheel.
  • Hotel, motel
  • Seniors residence
  • Hospital Center
  • Home care
  • Hair salon, beauty salon, spa
  • pet grooming salon
  • Camp site

In fact, everywhere we want to protect our water!

At a low price, return on investment in just a few weeks. The Valv’econ’eau Kit is simple, easy to install, operation reflected, aesthetic, and this safely.

A beautiful partnership to promote Valv’econ’eau Kit

Ecosource Canada, your distributor of confort in eco energy & so
lution since 2011,  is partnering with Concept Innovation MP Ltd., a company of Michel Pelletier, designer, to promote the Valv’econ’eau Kit. When Mr. Pelletier introduced us to Valv’econ’eau Kit, we were excited about this invention. Ecosource Canada is very committed to the environment with over 500 family eco energy product line and turnkey solution with ”all service under one roof’, we trust the Valv’econ’eau Kit will plays an important role on the water saving for generation’s. Water is a natural resource and we must save & care and Valv’econ’eau will do for best.

How does a social campaign financing

You make a donation and we give you an advantage (gift). Your contribution will be used to market if we achieve our goal, otherwise it will be given to you. As for our campaign, you will receive the Valv’econ’eau Kit set (value of $ 75 + taxes) for only $ 60 taxes included, not to mention the savings made.

What does the Valv’econ’eau Kit look like?

The Valv’econ’eau Kit system is easy to install aim after the pipe without plumbers. it is only necessary to screw the pipe, the valve and the shower head; it is as simple as that. Then pu
t the shower head, press to release energy from the water on your body and relax to soap you. This experience is pleasant because when you re-open the water is at the right temperature.


Is it easy to uninstall if I move?

Moving your valve to a different bathroom is as easy as installing it. Ove all, it takes 5 minutes or less and will not damage the walls of the shower, which is ideal for both homeowners and renters. All you need to do is unscrew the valve

Do you offer different finishes?

The Valv’econ’eau Kit is only available in one finish.

The system Valv’econ’eau Kit

A revolutionary technology of water saving. 3 x less water without pressure drop. A nice gesture for the planet!

  • No need a professional to install this concept.
  • Always keep the same pressure.
  • Always keep the same temperature adjusted at the start.

The Valv’econ’eau Kit is Quebec products. It saves on electricity costs to heat the water, consumption charges, if any. You fill less quickly your septic tank. Hot water accounts for 20% of your electricity bill according to the Canadian Center for Data and Analysis of Final Energy Consumption in the Building Sector

Main uses of hot water by households *

  • 34% – Use of faucets (with aerator down by about 40%)
  • 25% – Showers (75% drop with Valv’econeau Kit)
  • 17% – Baths
  • 15% – Washing clothes
  •   4% – Dishwashing
  •   5% – Leaks

Here is more information about Valv’econ’eau Kit:

According to the analysis page on the Hydro-Québec 2017 website:

Comparable consumption: water and energy (body care (shower) –family of 3 people).

1- Standard shower, consumption of 11 liters / minute so 120 liters / shower of 8 minutes. Annual water costs: $ 416 and use of 65,700 cubic meters per year.

2- Reduced jet knob, consumption of 7.625 liters / minute, therefore 61 liters / shower of 8 minutes. Annual water costs: $ 208 and use of 33,397.5 cubic meters per year.

3- Valv’econ’eau Kit with our valve, consumption of 3.7 liters / minute therefore 30 liters / shower of 8 minutes. Annual water costs: $ 98.55 and use of 16.425 cubic meters per year.

To validate Valv’econ’eau Kit, we transformed a bathroom into a test room (laboratory). The tests were done for 156 hours to make no mistake, always repeating the same technique.

This has shown regularity in drinking water consumption.

1- The valve was installed after a shower.

2- We blocked the bath drain

3- Several people (participants) took a shower; the length of time used for body care varies from 6 to 12 minutes. 8 minutes is the average time.

4- After determining the time allotted for the tests, we have marked the level of water accumulated after each shower.

5- We have calibrated in liter a container.

6- We emptied the bath. Obstructed a second time the bath. Fold liter by liter with the calibrated container up to the registered marks.

7- The results showed between 18 liters to 22 liters each time.

Considering the time diversity that users could use, we prefer to grant an average of 30 liters / shower of 8 minutes and this even if our tests give a lesser result.

On June 21, 2016, we received the Intertek test report in Lachine # 102558569MTL-005, project # G102558569 Requirement of the standard: ASME A112.18.1-2012 / CSA B125.1-12 Plumbing supply fittings.

The prototype has passed the following tests:

  • 5.3.2 Burst pressure
  • 5.6 Endurance test

The Fournier Patent Agency in Ville Laprairie has been mandated by Michel Pelletier the designer of the valve for International Patent # PCT / CA2012 / 000722, US # 14 / 236,617 and Canada pending CIPO

We need $ 125,000 to cover the following fees:

Mold, trade mark (CA & US), valve & ptototype design (phase1), homologation (phase 1 and phase 2), internet store, advertising, video (phase 1 and phase 2), translation, manufacturing Valv ‘Econ’eau Kit, employee for sending, shower kit (Valv’econeau, WaterSense® shower head,  2 pipes, support), packaging, publicity.

Ecosource Canada and MP Innovation Concept would like to thank you warmly for your interest, encouragement and help in promoting the Valv’econ’eau Kit.

My water is a precious good, I save it!

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