A small question that comes up often…Winter…

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16 February 2018
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A small question that comes up often…Winter…

Winter, I remove the snow that covers my photovoltaic panels?

With our winter conditions, it’s likely that snow and frost cover your solar panels and this, to the detriment of their effectiveness. You want to make the most of your investment, it is normal to question yourself!

If the snow is fine, do not do anything, because as soon as the temperatures will be higher than 0 ° C, it will completely melt and you will soon find ideal conditions.If there is a significant layer of snow.  You will probably be unable to produce photovoltaic electricity and you will not be able to enjoy 100% green energy voting.

December, January, February are the months when your electricity generation averages less than 5% of your total annual production. If you want to enjoy the sun anyway, it’s important to be very careful, because by going on your roof you could slip and fall, it could be very dangerous …

Maybe you would like to use salt, hot or cold water, scratch your panels, as you could to clear the driveway in front of your house. All this is really a very bad idea … you could irreversibly damage your panels. Hot water, due to thermal shock, could crack your panels and the cold water would only form more ice. By shoveling with a shovel there is a risk of scratching them and having to change them.

If you still want to clear the snow, a squeegee or broom with soft, soft bristles only can be used, but do not do anything more. It is always possible to call a professional, who will take care for you to clear the snow accumulated on your panels.

Why do not they produce very little electricity?

This is normal, because the snow covering your photovoltaic panels prevents the capture of the sun’s rays, which makes electricity production impossible or diminished.
• If snowfall is light and does not extend over time, the production and financial consequences will be limited.
• If snow falls are significant and persist over time, you can use the methods we recommend above.

If your inverter displays an error message, do not worry: the snow on your panels does not provide the optimal operating conditions for your UPS, so your UPS may alert you. Just wait until the snow melts or it is cleared. And rest assured, everything will be in order.

Do not shut down your UPS, as soon as normal operating conditions come back it will generate your electricity again.

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