Do you know our loyalty program?

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3 February 2018
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6 March 2018

Here’s our loyalty program for retailers, distributors, professionals and customers. This plan with our eco-energy products & solutions and sustainable development products offered by Ecosource Canada Inc is based primarily on sales volume. It is obvious that the higher the volume of sales, the more the distributor and or the retailer can benefit from a substantial discount from the company.

COOP points

In addition to the discounts offered to our distributors, customers and retailers of our eco-energy products COOP points are calculated on the monthly purchase volume. These 3K per month minimum purchase points offers you 2% more discount on billing according to our usual terms of sale.

 SPIFF points

In addition to COOP points, SPIFFs are also available to boost product sales and customer service. To help our distributors, customers and retailers with the initial marketing of new products from the Ecosource Canada Inc range will offer 3% free discount for large volume purchases of $ 50,000 per month.

Marketing Help

The customer retailer and distributor will be able to benefit from Coop & Spiff points in addition to technical assistance on all Ecosource Canada Inc. product lines. Distributors can benefit from advertising tools and advertisements already designed by the Ecosource marketing team. Canada Inc.

Service & Installation

In addition we offer a turnkey facilities study supervision and engineering-consulting survey service to customer service and after-sales 24 hrs / 7 days week.

How to participate

Simple return our loyalty program with your email agreement so that we can put you in our system.

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